The Write Choice

If you’re bored by what you see when you see your reflection, guess what….you have the power to spice it up! Try something you’ve always wanted to do but were always afraid to try.

There are plenty of names out there for people like me: distracted, dreamer, unrealistic, ADD. Maybe you’re like me. We’re the type who carries around our bucket lists, scribbling notes about everything that we want to try once, before we die. For instance, I went to a concert not too long ago where this chick was playing the drums like Animal from the Muppets. “I’m going to try that,” I thought. “I’m going to learn to play the drums.” The next week I went to a garage sale, bought a set of drums and banged them until my six-year-old threatened to move out. Did I learn to play? Certainly. Did I learn to play well? If you were paying attention you’ll see that wasn’t part of my goal, but my husband loves to give the answer to that question.

Just before I turned thirty I decided to go to College so I could teach. I ended up getting a degree in Psychology along the way somehow and on the journey I started to realize something. There are no limits, there are only priorities. I was suddenly flooded with desires, I wanted to finish my degree, get my teacher’s certification, learn to play the guitar, join a band, start a photography business, take more time to paint and write a book. In the past three years since graduating I’ve done it all….but not at the same time.

It’s like sitting in front of a buffet full of your favorite foods. Shove them into your mouth and try to swallow them all at once and you’ll be one sick puppy. Eat them one at a time, savor them and while you do think about how fun it will be to do it all over again with a new flavor in about two hours.

One quote I’ve come upon while writing my first novel, which I’ll fill you in about soon, is my current inspiration. It goes like this: For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return. -Leonardo da Vinci. The second I realized that the sensational moments are not reserved for a select group of individuals with the right last name or a certain number of clams in the bank, I couldn’t NOT try the things I desired to do!

My most recent venture is my journey with writing. It has been the most exciting yet! My future blogs will be to tell you about my journey and hopefully inspire you in your own. Though I’ve become a more confident artist in many mediums over the past years, I have moments where I ask myself, “WHAT THE HECTOR ZARONI am I doing? Is this the right choice?” And lately I’ve replied with, as long as I’m following my heart, avoiding regret and maintaining what I stand for as a person then the answer is – I’m living! I might be diagnosable, but I’m loving every minute of it.


2 thoughts on “The Write Choice

  1. Love the blog! I always am inspired when I read your words …. to follow my own “dreams” I thought would never be available to me….only, at my ripe old age, I seem to be finally finding out who I really am … and loving every minute!! 🙂

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