A Success Story

A friend I’ve recently reconnected with, and the founder of the Megaphone Society has recently published a book with her mother. I love her account of the rush she got from pushing that final button to make it all happen. I was particularly inspired by her fathers two important words that encouraged her to get the job done – “So what.”

Casey Voight, Writer Artist

I submitted my novel to print today. It began with light butterflies, they danced merrily in circles, completely  manageable and dismissible, I brushed them off. I went through the printers submission check list, 1-15 all good…(gulp)…I think. In that moment it all halted like a freight train crashing into a mountain. Wham! In an instant the butterflies turned into razor-winged devil creatures zipping about my stomach in a panicked state. I started to second guess myself. I started to second guess EVERYTHING.

Did I get the right CMYK build of black for every single item? Did my darn bar code work? Did my dedication make sense? Did I get the contact info perfect? The list went on and on and on. Was it perfect? Oh Geeze, I suddenly needed another week to comb over everything one last time (Even though I had already done that a kazillion times)…

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