The Land That Ideas Come From


An original Painting by Margie Brimer

We’ve all had them, those earth-shattering epiphanies that change our focus, our passions, and sometimes our world. Like when you got the idea to move across the country to pursue a career-change or the moment you decided to ask that special someone to spend forever with you. And don’t forget the day you chose to provide your body a host to another human being and then devote yourself to him for as long as you live and breath. What gets into us, and where oh, WHERE do these ideas come from? Do you remember where you were and what you were doing when this seed of inspiration hit you? I do. I remember the details of each time I’ve decided to jump off the proverbial cliff of life and make some crazy change that could work out beautifully just as easily as it could end in disaster. Ideas usually come over me just before I fall asleep or while I’m driving….ultimately in the quiet times.

And how do they come? They just fall into my mind like a coin dropped into a well. I’m not even sure if there’s a certain train of thought that brought them there but once they’ve landed they grow and grow. Once that little idea takes root  I have to do something about it or it will develop arms and legs and eat me alive!! We’ve all experienced it, at one time or another. You can call it revelation, inspiration or a brain child but I can’t help thinking that sometimes it’s divinely inspired.

In my future posts I’m going to talk about ways to cultivate environments to inspire ideas and how to nurture them once they’ve taken root. Keep tuning in to find out ways we can make those seeds a plant that produces fruit and more seeds that might even sustain us if we nurture it properly! I’d love to hear about your earth-shattering, epiphany moments, where you were, what you were doing and how you made it grow. Inspire me!


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