Beauti-FULLY Frazzled


Just shy of two weeks ago I promised you greatness. I thought about feeding you some line about how good things are worth waiting for but decided to stick with the truth instead:  greatness was pushed to the side and logistic practicalities took its place. Poor greatness; there are so many things that need our attention that it is sorely neglected. For instance, I’ve been interrupted during this post 5 times to be enlightened about the art of stacking dominoes and by requests for the third after-dinner snack within the hour.

While I’m being honest I might as well purge. I’ve been in one of those moods. You know the one that makes you see the world through Eeyore colored glasses? The mood settled over me like a heavy grey cloud brought on by daily demands and the rigor of keeping up holiday traditions, all while selling and buying a house simultaneously. Ah….you know the mood?


Well allow me to prescribe the antidote. First swallow a large dose of “don’t beat yourself up” then write yourself a prescription of “this is when I’m going to get back into the game” and finally boost your immunity by taking a little time to get together with a friend who will set you straight and get you back on track. Then you’ll be able to focus on the task at hand so you can get back to what you love to do. Say it with me: The chaos is only temporary!

My last post was about asking “What If.” My what ifs have been a wonderful place to retreat during the insanity of the season. The torture has been not being able to get them on paper. Today I got a chance to do that and it was like a great release. Maybe you have to stay up an hour after bed time or scribble on a napkin at lunch but DO IT!


I’ll leave you with a what if concept and another promise. A friend gave me an idea, that I plan on trying once we’ve settled into our new home, for a what if dinner party. Get friends together to develop a short story over dinner, solely based on what ifs. If you’re not an entertainer do it around the dinner table. And finally, my promise to you: I won’t fall off the face of the earth again, I promise. Eh-hem….but if I do I promise to take the antidote.



3 thoughts on “Beauti-FULLY Frazzled

  1. Marge, I confess, I read your blogs. 🙂 And as I read them, I can actually hear your voice in my head as if you are the one reading to me. Your personality comes shining through the words you are writing down. Keep up the good work, and someday when you are rich and famous, I will say I knew you. 😉

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