It’s the end of the world. I think I’ll wreck the car.

endIt was an atypical start to a most significant day….the final day. (Play along , all right?) I can almost pinpoint the moment when I just gave up. I let go and thought, “It’s all out of my control now,” and then I must have closed my eyes because I remember darkness until after the impact. A whip of the neck and a crack to the head….jostle, jostle. It’s quiet…OH MY GOSH THE KIDS! My eyes open and I turn around. My son laughs, “THAT WAS AWESOME!” I assess the damages. We’ve carved ourselves into a deep ditch and we’re facing the opposite direction we were driving in. As soon as I know we’re all in tact the shaking starts and the only word I manage to utter is, “STUPID!” In my defense I was traveling 20 miles per hour on a straight patch. I’m blaming it on the wind. What a way to start a day…..possibly a harbinger of things to come? Eh?


It’s not the first time we’ve predicted the end.

In 1954 predictions pointed to the end of the world in 1976, and Canadian psychic Winnifred Barton said the world would end on June 13 1976.

I’m a generation X-er so I remember 88 Reasons Why the World Will  End in 1988 and who can forget Y2K. What a clever label for our demise. Anyone seeing a pattern here? It seems that every 12 years society feels a strong desire to reconnect with mortality.


This cultural obsession with the end  is truly a socio-indicator. It’s  the  way frogs show the condition of their environment because of their thin skin. (Yeah, you didn’t know that? They breath through their skin and if there are any contaminants in the water they’ll start mutating or dying off….true story.) So, our obsessions are like frogs, (stay with me) they indicate our fears, our desires and our needs. I believe that our advancements, as humans, have detached us from some of our most basic characteristics: a need for dependence on someone that controls the universe and a connection with mortality. In a day where super heroes are glorified, the un-dead and the immortal are  exalted, we’ve lost touch with a certain spiritual side of existence that has been a part of humanity since….oh, the beginning. We abandon the idea of our fleeting existence for the notion of permanence.  But our innate spirituality is involuntary, we can’t help ourselves. No matter how advanced we become we’ll continue to be drawn to our spiritual dependence.


So be honest, how many of you are going to stay up to see if the 21st rolls in or not? I have to say I’m tempted. It almost seems like turning my back on the possibility of the impossible if  I don’t and I’m really hoping for the impossible in many aspects of my life right now. If I abandon this likelihood then I might as well walk away from the rest of my impossible notions. While I’m trying not to be too literal about it, January first will be  my one year anniversary as a vegan and my husband (who’s also vegan) says we should celebrate the end of the world by eating a big FAT juicy steak. Hmm….tempting. I think I’ll go out a vegan though.

So there it is, quite possibly my last blog ever. If it’s not I think I’ll start planning our next idea for demise 12 years from now and if it is…I’ll see ya on the flip side!


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