Gettin’ All Josh Groban on Ya

It’s time; time to give credit where credit is due, time to pay tribute to the ones who lift you up so you can see the mountains.  (You just read that in your head using Josh Groban’s voice didn’t you?) Even if you’ve never received support from the ones you expected it from, most of you can say that someone has encouraged you to pursue the thing you love. I think back on the decisions I’ve made that seemed truly illogical (believe me, there have been plenty of them) and I would never have done them without a certain amount of support, usually just one or two people.  I’m not saying that people are always supportive. On the contrary, my biggest decisions were met with the most opposition; however they were the ones that paid off the most!

I’ve come to an age where I’ve realized life is fleeting and if I want to actually DO the things I’ve only dreamed about doing, it’s time to jump. Sometimes that jump requires some encouragement: “You can do it. What you’re doing is good, it’s awesome!” That’s all it takes…and geronimo! Who is that person for me? 100 percent of the time it’s my high school sweetheart – my husband Ryan. (I told you I’d be gettin’ all Josh Groban on ya.) He tells me when it’s good; he tells me when it stinks but he never tells me that it’s impossible. There are also the unexpected supporters, co-workers and people you babysat for ten years ago and girls you haven’t talked to since high school. You know who you are.

You know when people are patronizing you and you know when they truly believe in you – when they’re making plans based on your SUCCESS! Who is that person for you? It may not be the ones you expected it from. That’s okay. We’ll show ‘em.

So to those who raise me up: thank you.


6 thoughts on “Gettin’ All Josh Groban on Ya

  1. Ugh. I heard Josh singing that song for the first time the other day in Barnes & Noble. I was already feeling particularly Grinch-y because of the Xmas crowd. It’s a very “Wind Beneath My Wings” song, which, depending on my mood at the time, can be really grating.
    Anyway, hubby and I talk about success and the required risks SO often. He is a great student of success, and he constantly reminds me that the most successful people are often the ones who have fallen flat on their faces many times, even to the point of losing everything.
    At least having our work rejected isn’t failure. A lot of this is timing! I guess every submission is like an audition.
    Hubby is teaching me to face my fears. He’s my biggest fan. I probably wouldn’t have typed word one had it not been for him.
    I really enjoy your posts…

  2. We are new to your blog, by way of mutual blogging friend, “Writing Pieces of Me” (Arlene). We enjoyed your post very much. And by the way, love the photo. lol. Sounds like you have an excellent support system. And in this business, that can be invaluable! Best of luck, and we look forward to reading your posts in the future.

  3. It’s always great when the support comes from an unlikely source or someone who you’ve never thought you could be on the same page with. Here’s to validation!!

    Great post, thanks,

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