I Dream of Genie and Sometimes Purple Leprechauns

You jolt awake and a battering ram is hammering your chest, your breathing like you just did 5 flights on the stair stepper and your hair is soaked with sweat. You’re relieved when you realize you never made contact with the pavement after you jumped off the cliff to avoid the two headed dog that was chasing you. It was just a dream.

How do our minds concoct these masterful delusions? Psychologists have tried understanding dreams for…..well, for as long as there have been psychologist and I, being the wanna-be psychologist that I am, have my own opinion about where our dreams come from.

Dreams are often an expression of the concerns we’re  not willing to admit. They’re our minds way of using cultural icons, symbols and our own values to express  concerns, ideas and passions while we sleep. It’s a truly unique form of communication when you think about it. I don’t know about you, but I talk to myself….a lot! Even if you don’t, you must have internal conversations. You weigh your options, talk things through in your head or whatever other label you want to put on TALKING TO YOURSELF! We don’t stop doing that when we sleep and if we have concerns or passions they often manifest in our dreams.

For example, some time ago I had a confrontation with an individual where I had to say some things I didn’t want to say but were necessary. That night I dreamed that I…hold on I have to breathe deep and swallow a few times before I can say this…ate a live frog – just swallowed him whole. What meaning could this possibly have? Well, it’s deep and not-so-deep. Our subconscious sometimes communicates in riddles using iconic symbols and cliches, things that we’ll recognize. To dream that you swallow a frog means that you’ve had to say something unpleasant or “difficult to swallow.” We’ve all heard the phrase “I’ve got a frog in my throat” before. Another strange chronic dream I have is about my teeth crumbling and falling out, which means that I’m concerned about money. Teeth are an indicator of  health and prosperity in humans. Instinctively we look at the quality of peoples teeth when we’re considering them for a mate or an employee or a babysitter, etc. Something else I often dream about  is driving down a winding road that eventually falls to pieces. A winding road can represent the path of life and any vehicle represents your drive and navigation through life. If the road is straight and smooth you feel like things are going to plan. If it’s winding and bumpy well….you get the idea.

I’d love to take credit for these interpretations but as one famous guy in a powdered wig once said, I cannot tell a lie (because then I’ll have bad dreams about it.)  Dream Moods Dictionary has to be one of my favorite sites. Sometimes I’ll wake up from a dream at three in the morning, grab my phone from my bed stand and look up the meaning right then and there. This site has a cache of different icons, objects and scenarios that you can choose from to interpret your dreams. You’ll be surprised at how often it is right on!

Does this mean that your dreams never have meaning for the future or that there can be no subliminal spiritual secrets as you slumber? Not in my opinion. I’m merely saying that most often our dreams can be explained this way. If you’ve followed my writing you know by now that I never rule out the possibility of a spiritual influence!

So, before you drift off to dream land be sure to leave a note and tell me about some of your wildest dreams. Some authors even claim to have come up with ideas for their Best Selling Novels (cough-couch: Stephanie Meyers) while dreaming. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite and sweet dreams.


4 thoughts on “I Dream of Genie and Sometimes Purple Leprechauns

  1. My weirdest recurring dream was as a kid when a dragon used to pop out of my pillow and try and eat my head. Still don’t know what that meant! ‘Stay away from dragons’ maybe. The idea for my latest work-in-progress came from a very vivid dream, as did the outline for the next I’m planning. I very much hope your theory linking dreams and best-selling novels is correct 🙂

  2. Well, in last night’s dream 2 cougars ran through my living room (not the human kind). Luckily they’d just eaten so they didn’t want to rip into me. Don’t know how I knew this…

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