You Might Be A Writer If


I don’t know about you but when I started this whole journey I was a little embarrassed about it. I was even sensitive talking about it with my husband who has been completely supportive since day one. I thought that people wouldn’t take me seriously, that they would think my ideas of grandeur were nonsensical – a waste of time and believe me writing takes time. Lots and lots of time. Time you would normally use sleeping, going to the mall, exercising or conversing on some type of social networking media.  It took a while, not to take myself seriously because I knew that I wanted to do this, but for me to know that it was okay for other people to take this seriously. One thing that really encouraged me was reading about other authors and the way they described themselves. As I read I realized, hey, that’s me! So if you’re wondering if you are a true writer at heart or if this is just a temporary whim that you are experiencing this might help. 

You might be a writer if: 

You write in your sleep.

Your friend has a baby and you write his name down for a future character in your next novel.

You’d rather write than sleep.

You sometimes have trouble distinguishing between fiction and reality. 

You are constantly looking for elements in your life that identify with the current story you’re writing.

Your friends smile and nod as you talk non-stop about editing your query and the next conference your going to.

You are more excited about going to the children’s literature festival than your children are.

You  get goosebumps and butterflies when you meet a real live published author and suck them dry for any tidbit of advice they can offer. 

You’ve become a hermit.

Your best friends are imaginary. 

You have a tingling sensation in your hands from writing too often.

You try things just so you can write about them. 

You are starving for criticism just so you can get better.

You’re determined that, even if it takes until you’re 108, you will continue working on your writing until it’s published!

Perhaps you identify with most of these. If so, you might just be a real, bonified writer! Please share some of your own, “You might be a writer ifs…”


14 thoughts on “You Might Be A Writer If

  1. I’m still at that part you described in the first paragraph. When I read that I thought, “hey that’s me.” I hope that means I’m on the right track 🙂

  2. Loved all of these, especially “You get goosebumps and butterflies when you meet a real live published author and suck them dry for any tidbit of advice they can offer.” The only “You might be a writer if” that comes to mind (since you asked) is “you might be a writer if your imaginary conversations are sometimes more interesting than your real ones.” I have a terrible habit of zoning out during some conversations, especially if I’m worried about a scene that I’m writing.

  3. This is a great post…let’s see if I have anything useful to add :)!
    You might be a writer if:
    1. Your Grooveshark profile has one or more playlists for “writing”
    2. You meet interesting/weird/funny people at gas stations and grocery stores and immediately think of how they’d interact in a scene with your main character (MC)
    3. Someone asks you how your day is going and you think about how you haven’t had enough time to write as you’d like but don’t say it 😉

  4. I guess I’m a writer because I can definitely identify with this post. The other day I caught myself wondering what one of my characters was up to and had to stop myself. {Oh yeah, she’s a figment of my imagination} LOL!

  5. Yes! Totally tuning out the conversations around me because my mind is working out a detail of a story, or some dialogue. We’re in the same boat and hopefully it’s not sinking!

  6. “I thought that people wouldn’t take me seriously, that they would think my ideas of grandeur were nonsensical”
    I’m a little different… but only slightly. I’ll describe some element in one of my books–say, the fact that my new short story is about a desert clan that travels at night and is superstitious of the day–and someone will start going on about how imaginative I am, and I’ll be thinking, really? That little bit of nothing was imaginative? 😀 And I usually never get around to describing the rest of the story.

    Let’s see, you might be a writer if…
    You don’t wear jewelry (for instance), don’t even LIKE jewelry, but you instantly want a particular piece because it looks like something one of your characters would have worn.
    The corollary:
    You didn’t DECIDE your character should wear something like it, you RECOGNIZED it as something the character would wear. Like this:

  7. Reading this was like looking into a mirror lol! I’m a pretty outgoing person, but ask me about the book I’m working on, and I turn shy and somehow manage to develop a stutter!! Plus the first point, writing in my sleep… pretty much sums up my creative process LOL thanks for sharing this 🙂

    • I remember thinking, “that will change if/when I get published.” But I think TO BE PUBLISHED it has to change first. We have to be confident in what we do and that just comes from putting ourselves out there, getting trampled on, standing up, dusting off and realizing, “Hey, I’m still the same person I was before I started this whole mess. Huh, I guess I’ll keep on trying.” Keep writing!

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