It’s that AGENT post!

My dear friend Rena Olsen has something to announce!

Rena Olsen

It all started with a tooth.

Hi. I'm a tooth. Hi. I’m a tooth.

No, stop, don’t click away. I’m being totally serious. Okay, mostly. Besides, this is that post that authors dream about getting to write, so sit down and ENJOY MY STORY.

Like I was saying. It all started with a tooth. Jenny the Tooth, to be more specific. Jenny the Tooth was the title character in my very first story, about an anthropomorphic tooth who escapes from her girl’s mouth and goes on an adventure through the school. I desperately wish I had a copy of that story. It won the state of Iowa writing contest for the third grade division, and I had to go to Des Moines and read it in front of 500 people. Terrifying.

That's...a lot of people... That’s…a lot of people…

As I got older, I continued to write, and took a couple of creative writing courses (which were full…

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