Stings and Zings: Appropriate Methods of Communication Among Writers

Writing is full of STINGS and ZINGS

The zings seem to throw us over the moon and we want to shout it from the rooftops.


My zings might come from a five page request from an agent or winning a contest depending on how deep of a writing valley I was in previously. Then there are the stings.


They seem to last longer and prove harder to pick ourselves up from. It’s natural that we would want to express our emotions when it comes to the ups and downs of writing. We’re emotional people and writers are a brand of folk with a flare for the dramatic so venting is to be expected. It’s how we choose to do this that plays a role in defining our character as a writer/person. With so many venues of social media at our fingertips it’s easy to vent in the wrong places.

What does trashing, slamming, or even sly implications of negativity about a rejection say about you as a writer?


It says: I’m insecure and need someone else to blame for what I perceive as failure. I don’t have the ability to see rejection as a possibility for improvement.  And this one seems a little harsh but it’s true: Making other’s seem like a villain makes me feel better about myself. 

So, if I can’t tell the world about it, how do I let out all this pent up frustration?


Three words: Find a CP!

find a cp

They may not just drop into your lap. You have to be active to find the right one but even writer’s communities, discussion forums and facebook pages are not appropriate places to vent. Something else to be sensitive about is the way we deliver news of our successes like requests, R&R’s and contest wins. Remember that other authors are experiencing the valleys when we are experiencing the mountaintops. We should be delicate in the way we post our news.

A good CP cares about your successes and understands your frustrations,  even when they’re off base, and will listen over the phone or in a private message. Find someone who you can do this for and who can do this for you.

So….tell me about your CP. Are they a Godsend? How often do you talk? Do you have more than one?