Just Write

Today, I watched this guy play like five instruments at one time. Every part of his body made music. It was pouring out of him in waves, in rhythms, in emotion. This dude was seriously a musical super hero. And all I could think was, I want something to flow out of me like that. I want to write the way he makes music.

Writing is such an emotional thing. We pour everything into it. We love it then we hate it. But when we step away, we feel a little empty. We’re dying for everyone to read our stuff, and then when its out there, we’re a mess, wondering what we were thinking. We spend hours of free time creating stories, worlds, characters that people may never know. So yeah, writing is an emotional experience.


Like music, writing should be felt but when emotions turn to stress, it might be time to reevaluate our writing approach. As writers, we can put so much pressure on ourselves that we forget that what we do is ¬†art. The purpose of art is to move us, to enlighten, to bring joy and pleasure and insight. We need to remember that. When it becomes something else, maybe our focus has become skewed. Maybe we’re writing for the wrong reasons. I’ve been there. The pressure gets to me. People around me are succeeding and I’m still in the same place. I tell myself I have to up my game. Write more and harder and to the the trends. And I lose it, that passion, that emotion.


Sometimes the switch is just a tiny pivot in perspective. Sometimes it just takes a short break to regroup. And others, it takes hitting rock bottom for a while to regain that passion for our art. So, if you’re a writer, or any type of artist, and you’re missing that passion for your art form, take a minute to think about what position you were in during those first moments in your journey.Think about that exciting feeling you used to have when you brought your characters to life, back when you wrote just to write. Turn in that direction, forget about everything else. And just write.