What the Greats Do When they Hit the Writing Wall

The wall.


We’ve all hit it at one point or another. It comes in various forms. Defeat. Discouragement. Distraction. Writer’s block…. DANG! I was this close to an alliteration.

Seriously though, there are more things that can inhibit our writing than elevate it. Even The Greats encounter these walls. So what do they do when their faces meet the bricks?

Rachel Aaron – Author of Nice Dragons Finish Last, 2k to 10k, and The Legend of Eli Monpress

“I banged my head against that book for a year trying to hammer it into place, but it was never right, because (as I finally discovered) I was trying to make it into something it would never be.

It took me an embarrassingly long time to admit I was the problem, but in the end, the only way forward was to swallow my ego, cut myself free, and start over with an entirely new idea.”

Jennifer Blanchard – Author and writing coach

“The biggest writing challenge I’ve faced is myself. I got in my own way for YEARS!!

Making excuses, placing blame, ignoring my writing dream, letting fear get the best of me.”

E.B. White: “A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.”

Nathan Englander: “Turn off your cell phone.”

So what have we learned here? A few things. 1.) Those who’ve “made it” also hit the same walls, made out of the same bricks, as we do. 2.) There’s something to be said of admitting when we are the ones in the way of our own success. 3.) Don’t make excuses. 4.) Be willing to start over. 5.) Eliminate distractions.

And just do it!