Festival LogoWelcome to the registration page for the Blackwater Literature Festival. The Festival is for schools in the Blackwater/Marshall, Missouri area and will take place on March 11th, 2015 at Blackwater RII from roughly 9 until 2. There are no registration fees. Please, browse the attending authors below and use the registration form located at the bottom of the page to choose which authors you want to see. Please, limit group sizes to 15-20. You may register more than one group per school. You may choose 4 authors. We will send you an email to confirm your registration and you will receive a schedule, post confirmation. The final event of the day will be a book signing where students can have photos taken with authors and purchase books. Concessions will also be available or students may pack lunches and space will be provided for students to eat. During the book signing, there will be chances to win books!

Happy Registering!



Genre: YA Fantasy/fairy tale
Published Books: The Word Changers
Published: Traditionally
Publisher: Conquest Publishers
Websites Featuring Published Work:,,
Places to Purchase My Book: Amazon,,, (for eBook only, Also, most book stores will agree to order it for you if they don’t carry it already. AND….The Blackwater Literature Festival!
Synopsis of The Word Changers: A teen girl attempts to escape her troubled home through the sanctuary of reading. But one day she falls into a book and can’t find her way out. Forced to become a part of the story herself, she finds the characters are on the edge of rebelling against their Plot, and their Author is nowhere to be found.
More about this book can be found on author blog at


Genre : Young Adult (YA) and New Adult (NA) and computer technical books.

Published books: YA: The Seldith Chronicles series which currently includes: The Owl Wrangler, Guardians of the Sacred Seven, and  Quest for The Truth. NA: The Timkers. Nonfiction: Over a dozen books including Hitchhiker’s Guide to Visual Studio and SQL Server (7th Edition), ADO and ADO.NET Examples and Best Practices (three editions) and many others.

Publishers: Williams YA and NA books are self-published by his own publishing company: Beta V. His nonfiction books are published by mainstream publishers. Microsoft Press, Apress, Addison Wesley.

A website that features his published work:

Places students can purchase his books:  Amazon in both print and Kindle and from Create Space directly(print only.) If students buy through CreateSpace , they can receive a 30% discount by using the code “G2P7UERA” Librarians can order books through: AND….The Blackwater Literature Festival!

The Seldith Chronicles Synopsis: This is the story of a clan of forest elves no taller than a mushroom. It’s a magical society who worship The Truth but our hero, the son of the clan’s last remaining Owl Wrangler, discovers that the elders are writing The Truth to suit their own evil agenda. It’s a story of magic and its price, of devotion to family, to clan and to loved ones and what someone would do to protect them from harm.



Genre:  Middle Grade fantasy

Published books: RASAFRATS, The Beginning


Publisher: Kindle Direct Publishing, CreateSpace and Mizzou Publishing

A website that features her published work:

Places students can purchase her books:, Mizzou Bookstore (Columbia), Copies Etc. (Boonville) and Taylor’s Bakeshop (Boonville) AND….The Blackwater Literature Festival!

RASAFRATS Synopsis: Three boys come across a strange creature when exploring an old abandoned cave. While trying to keep their new-found friend a secret, they set off on an adventure they won’t soon forget. They are on their way to take Rasafrats back to the cave one afternoon when a loud voice bellows through the trees, scaring the boys half to death and sending Rasafrats flying off back to the cave. They follow Rasafrats but within minutes come racing out of the cave soon realizing that they may never see Rasafrats again.

155529_174020322625959_3966696_n hariyali_logo


The ultimate goal of every writer is to end up in the Library. We are excited to have Wicky Sleight, the director of the Marshal Missouri Public Library, as a guest at the festival. She will be giving an engaging presentation about literature and the role of the Library in an author’s journey!


523768_639117293158_1744708200_n Unknown-coverweb


Genre: YA and Picture Book

Illustrations: Done by Casey Wendleton

Published books: The Dove

Self  Published through: Haunt Publishing
A website that features her published work: and  Places to Purchase Casey’s Book:,, AND….The Blackwater Literature Festival!
Synopsis of The Dove: Seventeen year old Natani is the Chiefs daughter and anticipating the time in her life of freedom and womanhood. Her journey takes a drastic and immediate change, propelling her into an unknown journey of love, loss, sacrifice and her understanding of the Prophecy that she is tied to. This modern story, placed in an old-world setting, is a fantasy adventure through moral ambiguity. Natani seeks answers to riddles that are tied to the ancient pendant she wears. The Dove: Book One of the Legend is the first book in a five-part series.

 Synopsis of The Great Unknown: The Great Unknown can be a scary thing. This book helps children explore the other side of unknown things, which is adventure, discovery and wonder.

Other books written and illustrated by Casey Wendleton: Lizard Kid, Fly, and Will and the Best Job in the World



can the sun have funJudy Stock

Genre: Picture Book

Published books: Does the Sun Have Fun

Self-published through: Rock Springs Review Publishing owned by Judy Stock

Published work can be found on:

Places students can purchase her books: Taylor’s Bake Shop in Boonville, MO, AND….The Blackwater Literature Festival!

Book synopsis: A charming point of view on what the Sun does when it goes down in the evening. A movie? A pizza? Playing games in the park with its friends? The Sun has many things it can do for fun once it has completed its day’s work in the sky. Learn about the Moon and the Planets while you follow the Sun through its nightly antics, and some of the ways it might return to rise in the east.

download (5)Anita Crews

Genre: First Reader

Published books: Toby’s Antics and When Seconds Count (Adult)

Self-published through: Rock Springs Review Publishing

Published work can be found on:

Places students can purchase her books: Taylor’s Bake Shop,, AND….The Blackwater Literature Festival!

Book synopsis: Using the logic of a small boy, Toby goes through life making choices that keep him in trouble with his parents and their live-in housekeeper. Toby’s choices are funny, but common to boys at the age of six. Toby takes us along as he goes on his first fishing trip with his Uncle Ralph, the zoo with his father, the State Fair with his parents, to his grandmother’s elaborate birthday brunch and to school. He traps the Easter bunny and discovers girls aren’t all bad. We watch as Toby gets a tree house and makes it comfortable with his family’s possessions. We see the event of the birth of a baby brother from a little boy’s point of view. It is hilarious, yet believable. Toby will be enjoyed by children and adults alike. He is one normal, funny, loveable little boy. Every chapter is an entire story with a title, therefore could be published in one total book or as a series of small books.

Please make your choices below by clicking the down arrow and clicking on your selection. You may choose four presenters.



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