The Write Niche Writers Group

I’m very excited to announce the beginning of The Write Niche Writers Group. This group is FREE for writers of all levels. Even if you’ve just been thinking about writing, come join us! We’ll be sharing our journeys, our writing (if you so choose) and developing a local writing community that we can rely on for support as we pursue our love of writing!

Our first session will be at 5:30 on Saturday, February 4th at the Katy Trail Coffee House at 409 Main in Boonville, Mo. And you WON’T BELIEVE the opportunity we are going to have in our very first session! Writers spend thousands of dollars every year to attend writers conferences so they can attend panels to listen to agents and published authors speak. In our first session, we will get to talk live, via video chat, with Rebecca Bugger from Serendipity Literary Agency based in New York! I am so grateful to her for this opportunity to do a Q and A with someone who has her finger on the pulse of the industry. The following month, we’ll have the opportunity to chat live with Rena Olsen, author of THE GIRL BEFORE published by Putnam and featured by Entertainment Weekly.

There is no cost for attending these groups, however there is a room rental fee, which I will be paying. But if attendees order drinks, deserts or meals, the cost of the room rental will be deducted. So, if you don’t want to cook that night, treat yourself to something nice at the cafe!

Here’s an agenda for the sessions:

5:30 – meet, eat (not mandatory) and greet! We’ll introduce ourselves and tell what we like to write!

6:00-video chat with Rebecca Bugger (on 2/4/17) and Rena Olsen (on 3/4/17)

6:45(ish) – Announcements and sign ups for notifications and opportunities to write guest blog posts.

7:00 – Free write (So bring your laptops and notepads!!) mingle, make connections, find critique partners

Below is more information about our speakers for the next two sessions, and at the bottom of the post is a registration forum that will help me keep track of attendees. There’s only room for 35, so register soon!


February 4th

A Shuffle in the Schedule

For our first session tonight, we’ll be speaking to William Vaughn, author of two series in different genres. William has been gracious enough to speak to us on his success as a self published author with two series in different genres as well as technical writing.



Williamdsc_0229-2 Vaughn is a writer and has been for nearly forty years. More than a dozen of his technical books could be found in bookstores all over the world—but most of you haven’t read them unless you’re a student of data architectures. After retiring from programs and databases, he turned his creative talents to coming of age stories and time travel. His latest books include his three-book YA series The Seldith Chronicles, and his three-book NA series The Timkers. Yes, as with his first technical books, these are all independently published. Leveraging his eye for graphics design, he creates his own covers and internal layouts. As you might have guessed, he’s also a graphics artist, photographer and world traveler. He spends his days writing, when he can, mentoring when he can and travelling, dabbling with computers and watching film noir.

To see more about upcoming events for The Write Nice Writers Group CLICK HERE!

March 4th

Rena Olsen, author of THE GIRL BEFORE


dscn0173Rena Olsen is a writer, therapist, teacher, sometimes singer, and eternal optimist. By day she tries to save the world as a school therapist, and at night she creates new worlds in her writing. Her debut novel, THE GIRL BEFORE, is now available from Putnam! Represented by Sharon Pelletier of Dystel & Goderich Literary Management.

Rena’s book has been featured by Entertainment weekly, and was said by the Chicago Review of Books to be the best adult thriller of 2016.

“Rena Olsen’s thriller, The Girl Before, begins with Clara Lawson, wife and mother, being taken from her house by armed men. As they pull her away from her family, her husband’s last words are, “Say nothing!” After that propulsive opening, Clara’s story is told alternating between the past — where she was adopted by a stern couple whose biological son would eventually become her husband — and the present, where she’s kept in a room and questioned about her husband Glen and his inherited family business.” -Entertainment Weekly


If you are interested in having dinner at the Katy Trail Coffee house while attending either  event, it would be helpful if you made your order in advance. Below is a link to the cafe’s menu. If you plan on eating, please indicate your order in the form below the menu when you register to attend.
Katy Trail Cafe Menu: katy_trail_menu